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Highlights of 2011 Somaliland and the challenges ahead

In this article I will mention some of the major events that took place in Somaliland 2011 and thereafter I will raise some of the challenges facing Somaliland In the light of globalization

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Secretary for Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with Special Envoy Horn of Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden

Dr. Mohamed Rashid Sh Hassan, State Secretary for Somaliland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs met july 14, 2011, Marika Fahlen, Ambassador and Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa , Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden. At the meeting was also Eidarus Sh Adan, Somaliland's representative in Sweden. Dr. Mohamed Rashid Sh Hassan informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden about the current situation in Somaliland and the process of getting Somaliland a recognized country. He also informed about the visits he made in recent weeks in England, France and Belgium where he met senior officials. Ambassador Marika Fahlen informed about Sweden's policy towards Somaliland and Somalia.

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Somaliland Representative in Sweden held a reception in Stockholm for the Secretary of State for Somaliland's Foreign Ministry and top coach Jama Aden Karaiin

On July 12, 2011 a reception was held for honarable visit to Sweden by Dr. Mohamed Rashid Sh Hassan, State Secretary for Somaliland's Foreign Ministry and Top coach Jama Aden, one of the world's leading coach in athletics. Among the other participants at the reception included the Amir Adan Member of Parliament (MP), Mohamud Sh Ibrahim, Head of Dababshiil Stockholm, Mustafa Ismail Secretary of Somaliland Association in Sweden, Mohamed Ali Ahmed, Ahmed Abdillahi Awale. In his welcome speech H.E Eidarus Sh Adan highlighted the importance of this gathering and especially congratulated Top coach Jama Aden Karaiin for the success he have achieved in athelitics and the role he plays as a role model for the youth in Somaliland and around the world.

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Breakaway Republic of Somaliland (the former North Somalia) celebrates May 18 twenty years of democracy and stability, which is unknown to most people around the world. Somaliland is a small country which, unlike many other African countries are not characterized by conflict and authoritarian regime. The country has over the past 20 years conducted four elections, the last one in June 2010. In all of these elections, there were international observers and the elections were held free and fair.

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A successful 2010 for Somaliland democracy

On June 26, 2010 Somaliland hold presidential election for second time in history. The presidential election process was a symbol for the degree of democracy for many people around the world. Therefore it was an opportunity for Somaliland people to show the world that the nation is committed to the chosen path of democracy, peace, reconciliation and market economy.

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Amir Adan elected MP at the Swedish parliament

The Swedish Parliament was officially opened october 5, 2010, by His Majesty The king. This election is special for many young people in Sweden. One of the newly elected Member of the Swedish Parliament is Amir Adan. It is a historic day for Somalis, African and immigrants in Sweden. Amir Adan is the youngest Member of the Swedish Parliament(MP) of African origin who has ever been elected in the Swedish Parliament and indeed throughout Europe.

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International Contact Group Applauds Somaliland, Pushes For More Development Assistance To Somaliland

Madrid, Spain, October 2, 2010 (SL Times) – The most recent meeting of the International Contact Group (ICG) that took place in Madrid was something of a watershed for that group as far as Somaliland is concerned. For the first time since the Group was established, it has praised Somaliland´ democratic achievements, calling it a model not just for Somalis but for all of Africa.

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Somaliland: A Success Story

In Africa this past week a completely peaceful presidential election was held. International observers said it met all the western standards for a free election. What's more, the incumbent president fully accepted the result the minute it was announced and handed over power to his successor and bitter political rival -- and on accepting his victory, the president-elect thanked and congratulated the outgoing president for his services to his country.

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New Somaliland leader to fight for international recognition

The newly-elected president of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamud Silaanyo, vowed Friday to campaign "vigorously" for international recognition of his breakaway republic in the Horn of Africa.

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Ethiopian Government Statement on Somaliland Presidential Elections of 26 June 2010

Ethiopian Government Statement on Somaliland Presidential Elections of 26 June 2010 (commitment to maintaining the peace and well as its on-going democratization

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Analysis of the president election and the challenges

Analaysis by H.E Eidarus Adan

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Change of leadership in Somaliland

A presidential election was held in Somaliland on 26 June 2010. The election was originally scheduled for August 2008. On 1 July 2010, the Somaliland National Election Commission announced that opposition candidate Ahmed M. Mahamoud Silanyo had won the presidential election, defeating incumbent President Dahir Riyale Kahin

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Somaliland: From A Danish Prespective

Somalia itself is now dissolved as a state or country while Somaliland has reverted to its post July 1st, 1960 status as an independent nation. In the northern part of Somalia, which for nearly 20 years been a country called Somaliland. And Somaliland is not Somalia - rather the contrary.

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A successful 2009 for Somaliland Foreign Affairs and Economy

Despite the political crises which come to an end September 2009 . 2009 has been successful year for Somaliland Foreign policy and economy. During the year there has been discussions about the presidential election and the reliability of the Voter registration Data. Many people both in Somaliland and abroad were pessimistic about future of Somaliland and believed that there will be a new civil war. Once again Somaliland people, the government and the political parties proved that Somaliland people and their leaders are committed to have dialogue and solve political issues in a civilized way. During the year there have been a shuttle diplomatic activities around the globe, I will mention some of the highlights.

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State Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Somaliland Saciid Maxamed Nuur has died

We have reached the death of the bid. It is a sad day and our thoughts are with the family, relatives and friends. This is a big lost Somaliland Ministry for Foreign and the colleagues at the ministry and around the world. We pray for him that Allah's blessing showered on him. Amiin Amiin

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Professor Abdisalan Yassin from Burao University is in Sweden

Professor Abdsalan Yassin Mohamed from Burao University is on working visit to Stockholm Sweden. The purpose of the visit is to initiate cooperation between universities in Sweden and Burao University.

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Chancellor of Hargeisa University, Somaliland visited the Swedish National Defence College Stockholm, Sweden

Friday, December 4, 2009 , Dr. Hussein A. Bulhan Chancellor of Hargeisa University and Mr. Eidarus Sh Adan Somaliland Representative Sweden visited the Swedish National Defence College Stockholm, Sweden. The delegation was received at the Swedish National Defence College by Mats Utas, Head of Africa Programme and at the same representing The Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala.

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The Chancellor of Amuud University is visiting Sweden

Mr Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid, the Chancellor of Amuud University is in working visit to Sweden. The chancellor will meet during his visit Universities in Sweden and the Somaliland diaspora. Mr Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid will discuss with his counterparts collaboration between Amuud University and other universities in Sweden.

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Meeting between Somaliland Universities and Dr Fikru Maru, head of Addis Abeba Cardiac Hospital.

A meeting between Somaliland Universities and Addis Cardiac Hospital has taken place at Grand Hotel, Stockholm Sweden.

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Representatives for Somaliland Universities visited the Swedish National Police Academy in Solna, Sweden

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 , Dr. Hussein A. Bulhan Hargeisa University, Dr. Saeed Ahmed Hassan, Golis University and Mr. Eidarus Sh Adan Somaliland Representative Sweden visited the Swedish National Police Academy in Solna, Sweden. The delegation was received at the Swedish National Police Academy by Superintendent Urban Nordmarker . Supperintendent Urban Normarker informed the delegation about police education conducted in Sweden, and distance education (e-learning).

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Engineer Fatima Ali Madar the new Foreign Secretary for Welfare & Justice Party

The Welfare & Justice Party, UCID has appointed Fatima Ali Madar as the new shadow Foreign Secretary of UCID.

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Somaliland Representative Sweden hosted welcome dinner for Jama Aden Karaiin and his team

Somaliland Representative in Sweden hosted welcome dinner for Jama Aden Karaiin and his team in Stockholm Sweden. Jama Aden Karaiin is the National Head Coach of Sudan Track & Field team and he is well known coach in Track & field. In year 2008, Jama Aden Karaiin was selected the coach of the year for middle distance by the International Association of Athletics Federations, IAAF. This is a recognition of the hard work and achievements Jama Aden Karaiin has accomplished as coach and sportsman.

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Celebration of Somaliland National Day

The Somaliland Community in Sweden celebrated the National Day in many places . On 18 may 1991, Somaliland revoked the 1960 Act of Union with South Somalia, and declared Somaliland independent. Somaliland society and their leaders focused their limited resources and wisdom to build up Democratic Institutions through General Elections and sees today well organised compared to Somalia. There is free press, rule of law and respect for human rights. At the end of september 2009 there will be election for president. This is also another evidence of commitment and consolidation of the democratic way Somaliland have chosen.

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Speech by H.E. Eidarus Sh Adan, Somaliland Representative Sweden at UNPO:s conference at the European Parliament April 30, 2009

Speech by H.E Eidarus Adan

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The political parties of Somaliland reached a consensus Agreement regarding the forthcoming Presidential election

The arbitration committee of Somaliland between opposition parties and the government has made their conclusions ( decisions) public Thursday 30 April, 2009.

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Somaliland Presidential Election Date Set

Hargeisa- The Somaliland President, Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin issued a Presidential Decree setting the new date of the elections to be on 27th of September 2009. According to a press release yesterday by the government's spokesman, Mr. Said Adani Moge, this came after taking the Guurti's extension into consideration and the new proposal from the Electoral Commission that the new date will be on the 27th of September 2009.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland

Press Release Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Somaliland On April 10, 2009, Eritrean Foreign Ministry issued a press release in which it negated the existence of the Republic of Somaliland.

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Somaliland Foreign Minister addresses UK International Conference on 'Sovereignty'

Durham, UK, 3 April 2009 - The Somaliland minister of Foreign of Affairs, Mr Abdillahi Mohamed Duale, addressed on Thursday an international gathering of government officials, diplomats, business people and academics taking part in the 'State of Sovereignty' conference held at the prestigious International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU) of Durham University in the city of Durham, United Kingdom.

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The Upper House of Somaliland prolonged president period

On Saturday March 28, 2009, the Upper House of the Republic of Somaliland debated whether to reauthorize President Dahir Rayale Kahin and Vice-President Ahmed Yusuf Yasin to stay in power beyond the March 29 The president had submitted to the Upper House (the Guurti) a request to this effect that was read in parliament two days ago, and the Upper House members were asked to study the motion and come back on Saturday to consider it.

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Somaliland shilling falls against the dollar

Hargeysa, Somaliland, March 21, 2009 - The Somaliland Shilling (SlSh) has fallen against main foreign currencies including the U.S. dollar in the last few days amid reports of newly printed money arriving in the country.

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Ethiopian Airlines resumes flights to Berbera Somaliland

Hargeysa, Somaliland, March 27, 2009 - Ethiopian Airlines will bring back scheduled flights to Somaliland soon, Somaliland Aviation Minister Mr. Ali Waran Adde told local media on Thursday. The route to the capital of Somaliland was scheduled to re-open in January 2009, after it was suspended in November 2008 following the five suicide bomb attacks on buildings occupied by the government and international agencies.However, Ethiopia's national carrier will resume it's flights from the Somaliland port city of Berbera rather than the capital, Hargeysa. This is due to the airport under going security upgrade and expansion to it's runways to accommodate 747, 767 jets and the new A380.

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Swedish Envoy for Somalia Peace Process received H.E Eidarus Sh Adan, Somaliland Representative Sweden i.n Nairobi Kenya

Ambassador J�ran Bj�llerstedt received at his office at the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi Kenya, Somaliland Representative Sweden H.E Eidarus Sh Adan, who is currently visiting Nairobi Kenya.

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Somaliland President received Somaliland Representative in Sweden at his palace

Somaliland President H.E Dahir Riyale Kahin met march 26 at the President Palace Mr Eidarus Sh Adan, Somaliland Representative in Sweden, who is in a working visit to Somaliland.

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The Vice-minister for Ministry for Foreign Affairs received Amir Adan, Swedish politician from Conservative Party Sweden

The Vice-Minister for Ministry for Foreign Affairs Mr Ahmed Aden Ismail received march 24 at his office Mr Amir Adan, Swedish politican from Stockholm from Youth Division, Conservative Party Sweden and a candidate for the forthcoming election for European Parliament in june.

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Appointment of Vice-minister for Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Ahmed Aden Ismail (Keyse) was appointed a vice-minister for ministry of foreign affairs by Somaliland president Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin on 15 February, 2009.

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Meeting with National Election Commission Somaliland (NEC)

H.E. Eidarus Sh Adan Somaliland representative Sweden met today march 24 the Chairman of NEC Mr Jama Mohamoud Omer in Hargeisa Somaliland. At the meeting was also present Amir Adan, a politician from Swedish Conservative Party Sweden and Candidate for the forthcoming European Parliament Election.

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Speech by H.E Eidarus Adan, Somaliland representative Sweden at SSE conference march 20, 2009

Speech by H.E Eidarus Adan

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Somaliland is the Champion of Democracy in the Horn of Africa, says MP, Birgitta Ohlsson, member Committee for Foreign Affairs, Spokesperson, Foreign Affairs Liberal Party Sweden

Somaliland Defence Minister met march 20 honourable MP Birgitta Ohlsson, Spokesperson Foreign Affairs, Liberal Party Sweden at Wiks Castle, Uppsala Sweden. At the meeting was present Somalilands Ambassador to Sweden Mr Eidarus Sh Adan and Zakaria Waes, Chairman, Somaliland National Organisation Sweden.

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Somaliland Presidential election date set

The Chair of the Somaliland National Elections Commission, Mr Jama Mohamoud Omer has formally confirmed the date of the Somaliland Presidential elections in 2009.

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Somaliland defence minister is visiting Sweden

His excellency hon. Abdulla Ali, Somaliland defence minister is arrived today, 18 march in Sweden. The defence minister is invited by the Gothenburg Intiative (G�teborgs intiativet) together with Somaliland Organisation in Gothenburg.

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European Conference about Somaliland development and diaspora role in Sweden

The Somaliland Socities in Europe, SSE, will hold a conference in Uppsala 20-22 March 2009, at the Wiks Slott, Uppsala Sweden.

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Somaliland President Meets With British MP's At Westminster?

London, UK, March 7, 2009 - Somaliland's president, Dahir Rayale Kahin and his delegation, currently on an official visit to the United Kingdom met with members of the All Party Somaliland Group at the Houses of Parliament in London on Friday.

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Somaliland's President Visits Britain

London, UK, March 7, 2009 (SL Times) - Somaliland's President Dahir Rayale Kahin has paid an official visit to the United Kingdom this week. So far, he has met with Britain's Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Miliband and other foreign ministry officials.

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President KAHIN'S Speach at CHATHAM House on 6 March 2009

About Somalilands role in the Horn of Africa

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Visit to Sweden by Speaker of Somaliland House of representative 17-19 feb. 2009

RT Hon, Abdirahman M Abdillahi, Speaker of the House of representative in Somaliland visited Sweden 17 -19 feb. 2009. The Speaker was accompanied by the Party Chairman of Welfare Party, UCID Mr Faisal Ali Waraabe.

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