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Appointment of Vice-minister for Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Ahmed Aden Ismail (Keyse) was appointed a vice-minister for ministry of foreign affairs by Somaliland president Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin on 15 February, 2009.

On 8 August, 2003 he was appointed to be the director general of ministry of commerce and industry. Later on, he became the director general of ministry of interior from 23 November 2003 to 14 February, 2009.

Mr Ismail was a Somaliland Diaspora and he used to live in London between 15 June, 1989 and 30 October 2002. He retuned to his country, Somaliland on 31 October 2002.

Apart from government position he has held since his return, he has become a member of 19 executive committee of Udub political party since 13 November, 2003 after his party, Ileys, united to the ruling party on that date.