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Ethiopian Airlines resumes flights to Berbera Somaliland

Hargeysa, Somaliland, March 27, 2009 - Ethiopian Airlines will bring back scheduled flights to Somaliland soon, Somaliland Aviation Minister Mr. Ali Waran Adde told local media on Thursday.

The route to the capital of Somaliland was scheduled to re-open in January 2009, after it was suspended in November 2008 following the five suicide bomb attacks on buildings occupied by the government and international agencies. However, Ethiopia's national carrier will resume it's flights from the Somaliland port city of Berbera rather than the capital, Hargeysa. This is due to the airport under going security upgrade and expansion to it's runways to accommodate 747, 767 jets and the new A380.

Ethiopian airlines will for the first time be flying its larger Boeing 767 jets to Somaliland, rather than the smaller domestic airlines it did previously. Since Ali became Somaliland Aviation Minister, he has made major changes to Somaliland airports and carriers.

Apart from Ethiopian Airlines, Somaliland has other Somali carriers such as Daallo Airlines, African Airways, Jubba Airlines, Djibouti Airlines and the newly created Suhuura Airlines that will have its own 747 carriers. Daallo Airlines, African Airways and Suhuura Airlines are private carriers owned and operated by Somaliland wealthy investors. However in early 2008 Daallo Airlines brought on board a new share holders, the Dubai World subsidiary Istithmar World Aviation.

Source: Somalilandpress