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The political parties of Somaliland reached a consensus Agreement regarding the forthcoming Presidential election

The arbitration committee of Somaliland between opposition parties and the government has made their conclusions ( decisions) public Thursday 30 April, 2009. Both opposition party leaders has accepted the verdict. Also, the spokesperson for the Somaliland presidency has confirmed acceptance of the Government.

A summary of the Agreement is as follows.

  1. The extension of the term of the president and vice president to October 29, 2009 according to the decision of the House of Elders
  2. Sept 27, date of election according to the decision of NEC
  3. If election could not take place on 27th Sept, House of Elders MUST no make any more extension and this has to be ratified by the parliament
  4. The final list of the Voter registration should be completed before 27th July 2009
  5. The stakeholders ( president, House of Elders, opposition parties) has to decide whether to change, add new members, or leave as they are for the National Electoral Commission ( NEC)
  6. Public media and public resources should not serve ONLY one party.
  7. Independent monitoring commissions with vested powers should observe item 6
  8. Opposition parties has to exercise constitutional rights including peaceful demonstration
  9. The presidential and their running mates has immunity and must be accorded that right and respect.
  10. Code of conduct should be finalized before election

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