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Celebration of Somaliland National Day

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The Somaliland Community in Sweden celebrated the National Day in many places . On 18 may 1991, Somaliland revoked the 1960 Act of Union with South Somalia, and declared Somaliland independent. Somaliland society and their leaders focused their limited resources and wisdom to build up Democratic Institutions through General Elections and sees today well organised compared to Somalia. There is free press, rule of law and respect for human rights. At the end of september 2009 there will be election for president. This is also another evidence of commitment and consolidation of the democratic way Somaliland have chosen.

In Stockholm more than 450 persons celebrated at Olle Krog restaurant . In Gothenburg , west Sweden more than 300 persons celebrated at Forum hall. In Jönköping , South of Sweden more than 200 celebrated. Representatives from the district counsel, local politicians, women, adult and children participated the celebration in Gothenburg and Jönköping. There was also celebrations in other parts in Sweden.

In Stockholm, where the biggest celebration took place, gathered representatives from different groups from the Swedish society. Among the participants of the celebration in Stockholm was, Eidarus Sh Adan , Somaliland Representative Sweden, Zakaria Waeis, chairman of Somaliland Umbrella Organisation, Honorable Birgitta Ohlsson, MP , President of Liberal Women and Spokesperson Foreign Affairs, Liberal Party, Honorable Gunnar Andrén MP, Liberal Party, Member of Tax Committee, Honorable Carina Hägg MP, Social Democratic Party and Member of Foreign Committee, Honorable Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, Conservative Party , Candidate for forthcoming European Parliament election and the wife of the Minister for Foreign Affairs Sweden, Molly Melching Executive Director Tostan International, Anne-Charlotte Ringquist, Chairman Tostan Sweden, Amir Adan, Conservative Party and Candidate for the forthcoming European Parliament election and Evin Ceten ,Social Democratic Party and Candidate for the forthcoming European Parliament election. At the celebration there was also representatives from the Swedish business community, Authorities and local politicians in Stockholm.

This year the celebration of the National Day was arranged by Somaliland youth Stockholm in cooperation with Somaliland Organisation in Stockholm and other organisations. The celebration Committee led by Fozi Siid did a superb work and we say thank you for a well organised celebration.

The celebration was unforgettable and the participants were euphoric and left the celebration with happiness.

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