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Engineer Fatima Ali Madar the new Foreign Secretary for Welfare & Justice Party

The Welfare & Justice Party, UCID has appointed Fatima Ali Madar as the new shadow Foreign Secretary of UCID.

Madar have devoted her live to promote peace, democracy and gender issues in Somaliland for the past 10 years. Madar is engaged in womens participating in politics and decision making. At the UCID Party she have been working as coordinator of UCID Party in Europe. Madar have the capacity and the contact required for the job.

The nomination of Fatima Ali Madar as UCID Partys shadow Foreign Secretary is a good step forward for UCID Party and for Somaliland women. This shows that the Party is ready to share the leading of the party to women who constitute the majority of the Party supporters.

Madar can be a good example and forehead for Somaliland women and can be an example for others. UCID Party is gaining respect and support among the donors and the International Community. The Party have shown maturity and sense of leadership in solving disputes among the political parties and saving Somaliland from chaos and anarchy. Madar have now a platform to be the voice of the Party And Somaliland in the International scene.

Mohamed Hassan

Freelance journalist, Stockholm Sweden