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The Chancellor of Amuud University is visiting Sweden

Mr Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid, the Chancellor of Amuud University is in working visit to Sweden. The chancellor will meet during his visit Universities in Sweden and the Somaliland diaspora. Mr Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid will discuss with his counterparts collaboration between Amuud University and other universities in Sweden.

About 2000 student study at Amuud University in 9 different collages. At the moment the Chancellors from Amuud University, Hargeisa University, Burao University and Golis University are in Sweden. The chancellors will discuss collaborations between their universities and universities in Sweden. It is the first time all the chancellors from Somaliland Universities gathered in Sweden. This is an historic moment and shows how important Sweden is for Somaliland development when it comes higher education.

Eidarus Sh Adan, Somaliland Representative Sweden told the chancellors that the Somaliland diaspora in Sweden is honored by their visit and this visit will increase diasporas engagement in the development of the Somaliland Universities.