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Professor Abdisalan Yassin from Burao University is in Sweden

Professor Abdsalan Yassin Mohamed from Burao University is on working visit to Stockholm Sweden. The purpose of the visit is to initiate cooperation between universities in Sweden and Burao University.

Burao University was opened 2004 Since then, the University have developed various Departments which educates students from all over Somaliland. Professor Abdisalan Yassin Mohamed met during the visit to Sweden, among other things, Uppsala University, Royal Institute of Technology in Stocholm, and other institutions in Sweden. All the Universities and Collages he visited showed interest for future collaboration and exchange of experiences.

Professor Abdisalan was the President of Burao University from august 2007 to September 2009 when he passed on the leadership to Dr Abdirahman Jama Dualeh. During this period, the University have grown and succeeded in attracting students from all over Somaliland. Recently Professor Abdi Salaan did a baton-changing as president of Burao University. But he is committed to Burao university and will be involved in Burao University in the future.

Professor Abdisalan Yassin is proud of the positive developments that Burao University achieved during the time he has was president of the University.