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Analysis of the president election and the challenges

The challenges ahead for Somaliland after the president election

The presidential elections in Somaliland has been a successful story. The new elected President is Ahmed M Mohamud Siilanyo from Kulmiye Party. The election was conducted in a peaceful, free and fair manner. It is a wonderful that the Somaliland people and its leaders demonstrated clearly that the democratic path continues.

It is easy to implement an election for the first time. It is difficult to continue the democratic process, hold elections and accept the election results. Free and fair elections are rare in many countries in Africa. And even more difficult is that the power shift can be done in orderly manner. Compare what has happened in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Contrary to this, the Somaliland people proved to themselves and the outside world that we are serious about holding free and fair elections. Somaliland people have demonstrated that they can be a good example for many countries in Africa when it comes reconciliation, building democratic institutions and holding free and fair elections.

What are the challenges ahead for Somaliland.

There are a number of issues to be addressed. The first is the recognition of Somaliland as an independent state. Somaliland has conducted fair and free election in co-operation with the International community. There is no turning back in terms of Somaliland's efforts to become a recognized country. The International community must now take responsibility and show its support to Somaliland's democratic development. One way to show it is to recognize Somaliland as an independent country. Somaliland should be rewarded for superb job they did in this election. As a recognized country, Somaliland is not a threat to the countries in the Horn of Africa.

Somaliland want to have a good relationships built on recognition and mutual respect with the Southern Somalia. Somaliland want to coexist with its neighbors in a spirit of understanding and cooperation. The strive for a recognized country will continue to meet the aspirations of Somaliland people.

The second issue to be resolved is the revision of the Basic Law regarding the number of parties who have the right to stand for election, House of Elders future and role and the strengthening of democratic institutions.

The third issue is the role of young people in the society. Many young people feel hopelessness and despair in the absence of jobs. It is therefore important that the question of how to create economic growth and job should be given a high priority.

It is also important to reduce barriers to business so that more jobs can be created in the economy. Normally it is in the private sector where jobs and economic growth creates. World Bank and International Monetary Fund(IMF) must give Somaliland financial assistance to build the financial institutions so that foreign investment can come to Somaliland. After the euphoria and celebration it is important not to forget that the strive for a recognized Somaliland continues unabated. Hence It is important that all Somalilanders despite political or ideological backgrounds come together inorder to achieve our main goals which is a recognized and democratic Somaliland. United we win.

Eidarus Sh Adan Somaliland Representative Sweden