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Breakaway Republic of Somaliland (the former North Somalia) celebrates May 18 twenty years of democracy and stability, which is unknown to most people around the world. Somaliland is a small country which, unlike many other African countries are not characterized by conflict and authoritarian regime. The country has over the past 20 years conducted four elections, the last one in June 2010. In all of these elections, there were international observers and the elections were held free and fair.

The presidential election in june 2010 was won by opposition leader Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud, Silaanyo and the transfer of power took place in a good manner in comparison with the Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Kenya. This is a clear indication that the democratic institutions, and thus the country's political system works. Somaliland as country meets the international legal requirement for recognition, the law and order is maintained, a referendum is carried out and they can protect their country's borders.

Although Somaliland declared itself as an independent state May 18, 1991, the country has not yet been recognized by the international community. During the three decades Somaliland was part of the Union, the Somaliland people was exposed to abuses by the ruling dictatorship, which is a major reason why Somaliland want to dissolve the union.

Many people associate Somalia with terror, piracy and civil wars. The international community has invested enormous resources to promote peace and stability in Somalia but it is obvious that the measures so far not yielded any positive outcome. However, it is important not to give up the support for Somalia.

It is admirable that Somaliland which many say is "Africa's Kept secret" , with limited resources succeeded in bringing peace, stability and democracy in a region characterized by violence, terror and dictatorship. Therefore it is extremely important that the International community continue to support Somaliland inorder to contribute to the positive development of the country. A trust Fund for direct economical support to Somaliland is on the Agenda in many countries like Sweden, Norway, UK and Denmark. This is a good step forward.

The Swedish governments decision in February 2007 to deal with Somaliland as a self-governing area in terms of development cooperation has constituted as a model for other countries. However, it is important to clarify that this symbolic recognition is not sufficient. Instead, Sweden and other countries should provide direct support to Somaliland in order to maintain peace and stability in the region. Somaliland's people should be rewarded and recognized for the progress they have endured since the country was proclaimed as independent in 1991. A recognized Somaliland will contribute peace, stability, fight against terrorism and piracy to the international community.

Congratulation to Somaliland people and happy Independence day.

Amir Adan , Member of Swedish Parliament(MP), Conservative Party

Member Committee on Culture

Deputy Member Committee on Foreign Affairs