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State Secretary for Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with Special Envoy Horn of Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden

Dr. Mohamed Rashid Sh Hassan, State Secretary for Somaliland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs met july 14, 2011, Marika Fahlen, Ambassador and Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa , Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden. At the meeting was also Eidarus Sh Adan, Somaliland's representative in Sweden. Dr. Mohamed Rashid Sh Hassan informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden about the current situation in Somaliland and the process of getting Somaliland a recognized country. He also informed about the visits he made in recent weeks in England, France and Belgium where he met senior officials. Ambassador Marika Fahlen informed about Sweden's policy towards Somaliland and Somalia.

The Swedish government will in the near future take a decision on the future strategic cooperation with Somaliland. It is also planned a visit to Somaliland from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden in the near future. The Special Envoy informed also about the European Union policy toward Somaliland. European Union have decided to upgrade Somaliland and will be more active in development cooperation. Sweden supports the EU's decision and think it is a good step in the right direction. Both sides also discussed the current developments in the Horn of Africa. Dr. Mohamed Rashid, thanked the Swedish government and Swedish people for the commitment and support for democracy in Somaliland and the rest of the world. The meeting ended in a good atmosphere.