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Speech by H.E Eidarus Adan, Somaliland representative Sweden at SSE conference march 20, 2009

Destinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen;

First, I will like to say hello to all participants, especially his excellency Abdulla Ali, Somaliland Defence minister and honourable MP, Birgitta Ohlsson, spokesperson Foreign Affairs, Liberal party Sweden. Honourable Birgitta Ohlsson is a true friend of Somaliland and I am very glad that she is with us today.

H.E Eidarus Adan

Secondly, I will like to thank the Chairman of Somaliland National Organisation Mr Zakaria Waes and studiefrämjandet who make this workshop happen.
I am honoured to be invited to SSE:s congress which gathered many Somaliland organisations in different countries in Europe. Mr chairman, Somalilands diaspora have realized that sustainable peace can only be found within the local social and cultural context.

Diaspora took a genuine role in peace building in Somaliland.

One of the major contributions of the diaspora in Europe towards peace building, vitalizing democracy and human rights is the formation of a political party so called Welfare Party (UCID).

When it comes to education. The diaspora have played a vital role. Somaliland scholars working in abroad proposed in 1994 the establishment of Amoud University. As the result of the proposal community leaders, public officials, intellectuals and concerned citizens, agreed in workshop held in Borama on August 1996 to establish the university. In year 2000 the diaspora contributed the establishment of Hargeisa University and later in Burao University.

I am sure that the experiences Somaliland have gained during the last 18 years can be a useful help when we are discussing the diasporas participation of peace building and rebuilding.

Diaspora can contribute a lot in peace building, good governance, human rights together with representatives in the civil society.

We have Somaliland professionals in Europe who have, in addition to their professional skill, also language and culture knowledge, the lack of which often is a weakness in many development projects. The fact that the remittances to Somaliland by diaspora communities form the most important source of income proves that among the Somalilanders there is a strong sense of loyality, commitment and willingness to help their country men and women.

For the last 17 years the many scholars have left the country (brain drain). The country needs them today so we need the transfer of diasporas knowledge and Know-how back to Somaliland, reverse brain drain.

My hope is that Swedish International Development Agency, SIDA and the Swedish government should consider carefully diasporas wish to take part in rebuilding peace and infrastructure. We should not miss this opportunity for the benefit of Somaliland people.

What we need to day is to consolidate our efforts and move forward to the future challenges. The diaspora have vital role to play and have impact on the lives of the people and the effort aimed at gaining an international recognition for Somaliland. Therefore, the diaspora should not loose the sight and be part of the political rhetoric inside Somaliland. We need a united front and we should always beard in mind what is best for Somaliland. Nowadays it seems that tribalism is becoming strong. The diaspora should look beyond the tribe division and put their effort to strengthen the institution building and democracy. We have to build democratic culture and the diaspora should take the lead as they did before. The struggle for independence continues and it is marathon, there is no short cuts but to be dedicated to ultimate goal, which an independent Somaliland. Somaliland is preparing for the forthcoming election and we all want a fair and free election to take place, now it is time we should put our efforts together inorder to solve our difference and work for a better Somaliland. United we succeed.

Thank You

Eidarus Adan Somaliland Representative Sweden