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Somaliland is the Champion of Democracy in the Horn of Africa, says MP, Birgitta Ohlsson, member Committee for Foreign Affairs, Spokesperson, Foreign Affairs Liberal Party Sweden

Somaliland Defence Minister met march 20 honourable MP Birgitta Ohlsson, Spokesperson Foreign Affairs, Liberal Party Sweden at Wiks Castle, Uppsala Sweden. At the meeting was present Somalilands Ambassador to Sweden Mr Eidarus Sh Adan and Zakaria Waes, Chairman, Somaliland National Organisation Sweden.

The Defence Minister briefed honourable Birgitta Ohlsson about the current situation in Somaliland and the preparations for the coming election. Honurable MP Birgitta Ohlsson told the Defence Minister that she will come to Somaliland during the coming presidential election and look forward to follow the election as an observer.. The Defence Minister welcomed honourable Birgitta Ohlsson to Hargeisa Somaliland and informed the MP about the security situation and fighting against piracy.

Honourable Birgitta Ohlsson participated the Somaliland Society Europes conference in Wiks Castle, Uppsala Sweden. MP Birgitta told the audience that Somaliland is the Champion of Democracy in the Horn of Africa. We, the International Community should reward Somaliland for their effort to build a democratic institutions and good governance. I can understand the frustration Somaliland people feels. MP Birgitta Ohlsson said that Somaliland people are not alone and we should be patient. The MP told that she have been to more than 20 African countries and Somaliland is one of the best countries in Africa when it comes democracy and institution building. She recommended Somaliland government to be allied with the democratic countries in Africa like Senegal and South Africa. MP Birgitta Ohlsson told finally that she hopes that the coming elections will be fair and free. The Chairman of SSE Mr Abdi Abdillahi thanked Birgitta Ohlsson for her effort to support Somalilands struggle for recognition and the encouragement she gave to the conference participants.