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Conference Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO)

International Community and the Contact Group for Somalia should not let Somaliland be a hostage for Somalia which lacks a functioning government for the past 18 years, says UNPO:s General Secretary Mr Marino Busdachin

| 03.05.2009 | Read more |

An independent, peaceful and Democratic Somaliland is the best way to sustain stability, by Amir Adan

An independent, peaceful and Democratic Somaliland is the best way to sustain stability & development in the region says Amir Adan, a young Swedish politician and Candidate for European Parliament for the Conservative Party Sweden.

| 08.02.2009 | Read more |

Let Somaliland be an independent country, int'l think tanks say

HARGEISA (Tiraspol Times) - The Republic of Somaliland needs to be officially recognized as an independent country says a prominent global think-tank in its latest report on security and development. The Senlis Council, which was established in 2002 as a European-based organization, reveals its policy recommendations in a report entitled Chronic Failures of the War on Terror: From Afghanistan to Somalia which was published in London on Wednesday

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Interview with Republic of Somaliland foreign minister

Nairobi (Benderwanaag) January 3, 2009 - Mr. Abdulahi Mohamed Duale is the Foreign Minister of Somaliland. Mr. Duale had also served as Finance Minister.The foreign minister spoke to Getachew Nigatu about the current situation in Somalia and Somaliland.

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A historic meeting for Somaliland Oil Industry in London

The Licensing Round Roadshow of Oilexploration in Somaliland have started in London

| 21.11.2008 | Read more |